The Hole Station Campsite Photo Gallery The Hole Station Campsite Photo Gallery Meadow flowers 36195670 Pub grub in one of our locals 36195672 'Wild' camping These guys (Russel, Ian and Will) came to Hole Station to practice their bushcraft skills. Here they are on a woodland pitch, with no tents - they prefer to use hammocks slung under tarps for that back to nature experience. 36195673 Rather be watching tv? 36200443 Crash the goat. Crash doing his job - keeping trees and saplings trimmed back on the meadows. He is a bit of a yob but he has his charms. 36195675 Sign on the old station building. Not something anyone has had to worry about since 1965. 36480081 Making a camp fire bench. 36480083 Sunset view at the end of the woods. 36737124 Wild Orchid. 37514250 An evening under canvas. 38015510 Camping and a good book. 38390680 The start of the cycle track which leads to the pub. June '09. 39013759 The Ragged Robin makes its appearance. 2 June '09. 39013760 Loo/shower block 39013762 Liz, Sanne and Mario. 39013761 The honey bee doing it's job. 39014536 Early evening clear sky. 39129146 Off to do some carriage driving. 39644703 Time for the Foxgloves again. 41277279 The Beast of Hole Station. 41277280 A carriage ride on a sunny afternoon. 41773949 Ready for work! 41985189 Timber Hauling 42268688 Timber Hauling 42268694 Timber Hauling 42290997 Timber Hauling 42268690 44232347 Carriage Driving Competition. 46007383 The Big White 65080303 Where's my breakfast? I want it and I want it now! 65080304 The Big White 65080305 The Big White 65080306 The Big White 65080307 The Big White 65080308 The Big White 65080309 The Big White 65080311 Goat willow auditioning for Swan Lake. 65080313 Crash and Burn passing the time of day. 65080314 Camp set up 81231047 Bannock Bread and Lamb Spicy Bean Caserole 81231048 Get the coffee on! 85103755 A home from home 85103756 'Summertime, and the living is easy' 86616255 Mike poses by the bender he built 92478187 Tarps - wonderful things! 92478189 meadowsweet 95099191 Sorrel 95099193 Munch time 95099202 perfect dinner setting 95099207 97496253 97496255 If you go down to the woods tonight.... 113779012 It's good to just contemplate 113779013 Mr Crash demonstrates the art of relaxation 121475433 Hector & Sanne taking in the Spring sunshine 121475795 124312454 124312455 124312456 124312457 Bertie Rooster 127967979 Relax, you are on holiday :-) 127967983 Rent-A-Tent pitch 127967984 Take a walk through the woods.. 127967986 Chicks 147442719 February dawn 148708248 Rent-A-Tent pitch at night 149008586 Some campers take meal times very seriously.... 149526934 150149055 Early season camping 152919948 Early April 152919949 Early April 153004215 Easter 153135319 Car park security patrol. 154166051 Spot the deer. 154166052 It's all too much effort. 156571251 156571252 Just married - Dan & Emily. 156571253 156571254 Rent-A-Tent pitch. 156571255 Lawnmowers in action. 156571256 Whitey surveys his kingdom. 156571257 156571258 Cooking breakfast in a Bell tent 157393973 The Frontier stove 157393974 Young Goldfinch 158093807 Deer resting in a clearing 177227759 Breakfast before setting off for the Tarka Trail 177227760 Early season camping 177227761 On the cycle track to Highampton 178560961 Wood Sorrel 178560962 Early May 179018839 Dawn at Hole Station 187661318 Cyclists always welcome! 187661319 Rent-A-Tent pitch Lovely big dining/cooking shelter 187661321 Camping in a woodland glade 187661322 187661323 Need any more than this.... ...... a good book, campfire just getting going, refreshment - and peace and quiet. 187661324 Widemouth Bay. Massive sandy beach. About 30 mins. from Hole Station 187661325 We see lots of hammocks here. 187661326 Summer. Ain't it great. 187661327 More peace and quiet. 187661328 Dusk approaching, start that campfire! 187661329 Happy birthday! 187661330 The organised Bell tent camper. There must be something about owning a Bell tent that brings out the serious camper in you. Never known a Bell tent owner forget pegs, frying pans or whatever. 187661331 Pitch shelter. Every pitch at Hole Station has one. 187661332 Archery - two nearby archery centres. 187661333 193823539 Bell tent 193823540 The lane leading into the camp site 196974666 Just return from a bread making lesson at the Red Dog Bakery 196974667 Now that is what you call belt and braces! 196974668 Lucy the camp site dog 196974669 Tentsile tree tents 202103204 Plenty of space in this canvas frame tent 202103205 A Rent-A-Tent pitch 202103094 The Station Diner 202103095 Campfire cooking on the Blair Witch Pitch 202103096 Dargles helping with the firewood 202103097 This is the sign you are looking for 202103238